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From Theory to Practice

Background knowledge

Understand why and how Regenerative Agriculture practices work

Why we need living roots in the soil

Practical skills

Learn Regenerative Agriculture skills that you can apply straight away

Learn Hot Composting

How to make rich microbialy active compost in record time

Seed Saving

8 things you should know to successfully save your own seeds

Learn about
micro greens

Grow nutritious food anywhere, even with no time or money

How to protect your soil

Benefits of Mulching
Benefits of cover crops
cover crops for disease suppression

The importance of soil biology

Stimulating soil biology
farming with Microbes
nitrogen and carbon to feed soil biology

Composting tipps and tricks

types of compost
making Aerobic compost
compost tea production

Dig deeper

Introduction and overview

Learn what regenerative agriculture is and how it can help to reverse climate change.

Keep Soil undisturbed

Understand why unprotected soil is a problem and learn how to protect soil


Learn about the benefits of diversity and the importance of natural processes