Climate Farmers Academy

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Background knowledge, practical skills or full courses, the Climate Farmers Academy provides you with everything you need to learn about Regenerative Agriculture


water management

Water harvesting
Storage and catchment

pest and disease management

Identifying the root cause of predation and disease

Specific techniques

Market gardening

Animal husbandry


commodity crops

Farm enterprise

regenerative farm design

farm business

tools of the trade

farm infrastructure

building and processing facilities

complementary farm business

building community

From Theory to Practice


Understand why and how Regenerative Agriculture practices work

Why we need living roots in the soil


Regenerative Farm Transformation
Living soil film
Farming Sustainably with Regen. Ag.
farmland restoration in spain
From the ground up
regenerative agriculture
Restoration agriculture


building soil

Keys to building soil health
building soil with animals
Soil building techniques

THe soil food web

Roots of your profits
Stimulating soil biology
farming with Microbes
nitrogen and carbon to feed soil biology

soil protection and cover crops

Benefits of Mulching
Benefits of cover crops
cover crops for disease suppression
tillage radish cover crops

dig deeper into Soil fertilisation

reduce the need for nitrogen
Benefits of humic compounds
the plant health pyramid

Composting advice

types of compost
making Aerobic compost
compost tea production

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Introduction and overview

Learn what regenerative agriculture is and how it can help to reverse climate change.

Keep Soil undisturbed

Understand why unprotected soil is a problem and learn how to protect soil


Learn about the benefits of diversity and the importance of natural processes