The Climate Farmers Story: Who We Are

by Arlene Barclay | Jun 23, 2023

Climate Farmers is a growing European organisation that bridges the gap between farmers and the necessary resources needed to transition to regenerative agriculture.

We’re a diverse group of storytellers, change-makers, scientists, farmers, engineers, agricultural innovators, and policy advocates.

Our shared mission is to make sure the future of farming is regenerative and the future of our food system is farmer-centric.

But how exactly did we start, what do we stand for, and what are we working to achieve? Here, you’ll learn the ins and outs of who we are.



Climate Farmers emerged in 2020 with a simple yet bold idea: to build the infrastructure for scaling regenerative agriculture in Europe.

Our co-founders, Philippe Birker and Ivo Degn, met in 2016 through Ashoka’s ChangemakerXchange.

After staying in contact over the years, they got together in person.

Philippe and Ivo discussed the current state of agriculture and their growing awareness of a new kind of farming. It was a kind of farming that could not only mitigate the climate crisis but also increase farmers’ well-being, profitability and resilience. The farming they discussed was regenerative agriculture.

Through this insignificant yet equally remarkable gathering, Climate Farmers was born.




A world where humans live in harmony with nature.


Building the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture.

Farmers are the cornerstone of our society. As Brenda Schoepp once said, “Once in your life, you need a doctor, a lawyer, a priest and a policeman. But every day, three times a day, you need a farmer”.

As industrialisation has proliferated, our connection to how our food is produced has contracted. At the same time, the challenges facing farmers are increasing by the year.

Rather than rewarding and truly appreciating the role of farmers in our society, they’re often forgotten, ignored, and made to fight for their future.

Through regenerative agriculture, farmers can get paid what they deserve for their produce. They can steward the land rather than work it to the bone to make ends meet. They can build resilience to the countless challenges they currently face. And they can deliver the myriad of ecosystem services that we as a society inherently depend on.


The Climate Farmers story is a unique one.

Since 2020, we’ve grown our organisation from a team of 5 volunteers to 30 highly mission-driven employees.

During this time, we’ve supported countless farmers on their journey to regenerative management through a variety of cutting-edge initiatives.

From bringing together 200 farmers for our Climate Farming Conference, writing the Regenerative Agriculture Manifesto, and launching our leading Carbon+ Program, we’re passionate about going the extra mile to make the voice of farmers heard.



From our founding, our work has been guided by the question: ‘What needs to take effect to turn regenerative agriculture from a term no one knows to the new norm in Europe?’.

Throughout our journey, it’s been made abundantly clear that the lack of policy incentives, practical knowledge, and transition finance are key obstacles to this transformation.

These learnings have shaped what we do as an organisation today.



The Climate Farmers Community

It’s no secret that farming can be an isolating profession. But the path doesn’t need to be walked alone.

The Climate Farmers Community came to life in 2022. It facilitates authentic farmer-to-farmer discussions, connection, knowledge exchange and support. Farmers can learn online and on the field with a lively digital platform, monthly skill calls and farm visits.

With 150+ members, it’s now a leading hub for real-world knowledge related to regenerative management.

The Carbon+ Program

Our Carbon+ Program supports farmers financially as they shift their operations to regenerative management. The primary mechanism facilitating this shift is generating and selling Carbon+ Credits.

By transitioning to regenerative agriculture, farmers unlock their land’s natural capacity to sequester CO2 and store it deep in the soil.

The value for farmers shouldn’t be understated. Regenerative agriculture delivers countless benefits in and of itself. But to have support through the transition is critical in ensuring farmers are truly rewarded for their efforts.

The program has a unique edge: it’s been created in compliance with the highest international standards for measuring and modelling soil carbon sequestration. This includes our own uniquely formulated methodology and an external auditor.

Do you want support for implementing regenerative agriculture?


This is only the beginning. Regenerative agriculture is no longer an outlier. It’s gaining momentum and the recognition it deserves.

Now, the time is ripe to ignite the change we need to see in our food system and support farmers every step of the way.

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