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Porcus Natura

Porcus Natura is an extensive regenerative farm implementing agrosilvopastoril integration of oak trees with various farm animals. By applying rotational grazing techniques on an area

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Molenkouter is an innovative micro-farm and a short value-chain project growing organic vegetables in the former Vinderhoute windmill In the outskirts of Ghent (Belgium).

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Climate farmers for life – Bodemzicht works towards growing healthy food and diverse landscapes. “We are passionate about integrating nature, agriculture and communities, creating thereby

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Helle Bauer

Market Gardening farm in North Rhine-Westphalia that uses agroforestry and permaculture methods for sustainably intensifying production

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Ein kleiner Biobetrieb in Alt-Madlitz, Deutschland. Etwa 80 km östlich von Berlin in erster Saison als Ackerpulco wir dort Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit verbunden

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