By buying fruits and vegetables from our regenerative farmers you can help them store carbon in the soil and effectively eat climate change.

Be part of the solution they said! But the solution for what and what is the solution? We believe that a big part of the problem is the disconnection from nature and the destruction of the environment through decisions driven by economic self-interest.

Together with you, we can shift the mindset of modern society towards a holistic point of view, where we are living in harmony with nature and respect for all living beings.

We have identified projects around Europe that apply regenerative farming practices – they support their local community, restore the soil and have a positive impact on the ecosystem and the world as a whole. Their work is labour intensive and time-consuming, but not much rewarded by society.

We want to change this and want people to hear their stories and to recognize their contribution to environmental and climate protection. Let us strive together for a healthy and sustainable economy, development and greater social cohesion.

Here you have the chance to support farmers that live in your area or that attuned you with their inspiring stories/projects. You can support them financially and they will post updates about their progress frequently. From now on you can be part of their story and learn from their experiences.

HOw it works

Find a farmer in your region

Identify a project you want to support

Contribute to a project

Receive highly nutritious and climate-positive fruits and vegetables

Find Climate Farmers in Your Area


Pflanzgarten Hitzacker

Hitzacker revived as a solidarity agriculture (SoLaWi) project along the Elbe river in Lower Saxony, after a similar farming project had failed in the past.

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Molenkouter is an innovative micro-farm and a short value-chain project growing organic vegetables in the former Vinderhoute windmill In the outskirts of Ghent (Belgium).

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Climate farmers for life – Bodemzicht works towards growing healthy food and diverse landscapes. “We are passionate about integrating nature, agriculture and communities, creating thereby

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Helle Bauer

Market Gardening farm in North Rhine-Westphalia that uses agroforestry and permaculture methods for sustainably intensifying production

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Fruittuin van West

Biodiverse agroforestry farm with animal integration: a 16 hectares fruit orchard located on three islands near Amsterdam, where chickens, pigs and ducks can roam freely

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We are a small organic farm located in Alt-Madlitz Germany roughly 80 Km east of Berlin. This is our first season as Ackerpulco and we

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Lugar da Terra

Lugar da Terra

Tânia, Job and Julien are a little family that is doing market gardening on 5.000m2. Job and Tania used to be film makers and their

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