The European Regenerative Agriculture Manifesto

Signed by the pioneers of regenerative agriculture in 2021.

The back story

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most promising solutions of our time. But without a unified definition, the door lies open to greenwashing.


The regenerative agriculture manifesto was created during the 1st Climate Farming Congress in 2021. An overdue gathering that brought the European pioneers of regenerative farming together for this first time.

Our mission? To make the voice of farmers heard and lay out the central points of regenerative agriculture.

“It’s not an easy task to agree on the future of regenerative farming in a few days. But because we as a group saw it as absolutely urgent, we were able to do the impossible.”

​​Louis De Jaeger
Participant of the Climate Farming Congress

The manifesto’s central points

Regenerative agriculture is always context-specific.

Regenerative agriculture is outcome-based.

There are noregenerative practices per sé.


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