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An evening class on the application of the soil health principles, to your growing operation.

The soil health principles work. From large farms to market gardens, when implemented doggedly they bring real results: better soil structure, healthier crops and more consistent yields. What’s more, the growers that have most rigorously applied these principles have the more profitable operations today.


Course Details

Runs for four evenings 6.30 – 9.00pm (UK Time)

Session 1-2: Presentations & Exercises

Session 3-4: Workshop – Your Rotation/Management Plan


Offline Viewing

All sessions will be videoed and made available to you offline, for you to watch again, or to view if you miss the live session.


Course Outcomes

• Turning observations into actions

• Applying the soil health principles to everyday management situations

• Bringing the power of covered growing to the open field

• Understanding the rules of successful cover crop design and management

• Using the soil health principles to analyse & redesign your rotation

• Selecting best practice composting systems for your operation