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Anne, Deacon & Bibou

One year ago a Berlin based team decided to commit themselves to nature and farming

Owner: Anne, Deacon & Bibou

Location: Alt Madlitz, Germany

Produce: 36 different vegetables and a variety of herbs

CO2 Stored (tons)


The Project:

Plan, implement and maintain a resilient food forest

With your support, we want to plant a self-regulating food forest with a size of more than 250 m². We will integrate 7 different layers with a high plant diversity and the integration of indigenous plant species. The whole process will be time- and cost-intensive. That is why we need your help and support. We will keep you updated about the process and upload regularly photos, videos, and blog posts. Here you can find an overview of the stages that the process goes through.

How Do They Contribute to a Better Climate?

Vegan Agriculture

We avoid any animal input and do not use animal manure in our farming activities. Furthermore, we only produce our own compost to avoid any microplastic in the soil.

Seedling Nursury

We are using a self-build nursury to produce mostly all our vegetables by ourselves. So we can avoid impacts through transportion and use sustainable seeds, soil and avoid fertilizers.

Cover Cropping

Between our regular crop production we grow non-cash crop for the purpose of improving soil quality and for protecting it from several impacts (erosion, diseases etc.).

What else is going on?

A sheep as flatmate

Bibou (the sheep) is our flatmate and friend who shares the space with us and enjoys the farm as a huge playground.

Music, Nature and Rock'n'Roll

Both of us enjoy music and love the social gatherings on events. Deacon is a DJ and played at different venues in Berlin.

Acting local thinking global

Since we moved to the land we didn't engage much with society but we constantly reflect on our output - the interaction we have with our friends (customers) and the impact that we have on nature and that nature has on us.

More Information about the farm

Ackerpulco is a regenerative agriculture project based in Alt Madlitz, Brandenburg, that we established in 2020. After working for many years in the food and beverage sector in Berlin and on many festivals (Garbizs, Fusion etc.) Anne & Deacon decided to start their own project and to be reconnected with nature.

In 2018 they started an internship at an organic market garden where they learned the basics of seasonal plant cultivation, pest control without chemicals, compost production, and the general application of non-conventional farming practices.

Despite the labor intensity, this experience gave them the extra kick of motivation to start their own project and to work with nature instead of working against it. After learning more about the agricultural sector, reading several books, and watching several videos on conventional-, bio-, organic- and regenerative farming, they decided that they want to focus on vegan farming with no-tillage applied.

An allotment-garden in Berlin gave them the first opportunity to apply the learned skills and to produce fruits and vegetables for them and their friends. Meanwhile, they started to search for suitable farmland in and around Berlin. They expected this journey to be much easier and faster but fast they had to realize that patience and Vitamin B is needed.

After some months they found a piece of land in Brandenburg that caught their interest. A farm with 5 hectares, wonderful soil quality, and a sheep (Bibou).
The journey started and they were able to prepare the land in autumn and winter 2019/2020 and start planting.

What happened since then?
They decided to deliver boxes with vegetables to Berlin and be part of a Marktschwärmerei. Their boxes are delivered to a pick-up station every week and feed up to 40 households for now. For next year they plan to support 80 households with local and regenerative grown vegetables.

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