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A beautiful inner city market garden.

Owner: Alexander

Location: Mönchengladbach, Germany

Produce: 32 different vegetables, which are storing the amount of carbon, that an average car in the EU releases within 1 year.

CO2 Stored (tons)


The Project:

Grow a Fungi Network to Improve the Soil

We want to build up the native mycelium, a fungi network, on our farm to improve our soil quality and to mobilize nutrients between plants. Doing so we can regenerate the soil structure, grow healthier plants, and produce fresh mushrooms for us and our community. We believe that mushrooms can revitalize the water and soil quality of our farm and contribute to a healthier planet. For this, we need your help.

How Do They Contribute to a Better Climate?

Nutrien Density

Alex produces nutrient dense, clean vegetables without access to city water or electricity and under 10 liters of gas per month. He make a living doing this while regenerating the land he leases and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. This proves a critical point and he hopes to encourage others to start their own regenerative enterprise.

Seemless crop rotation

Seemless crop rotation is Alex goal. Every bed is constantly photosynthesizing, full of living roots, sequestering carbon and pumping it back into the soil. This supports a diverse soil food web providing numerous ecological services – undisturbed on his no till farm.

Mychorrhizal network

Alex establishes a mycorrhizal network underground and constantly feeds it with organic matter. This builds top soil rapidly and mitigates the effects of future droughts, one of many ecological benefits of fungal communities in the soil. Alex wants to demonstrate a simple yet effective and profitable way to integrate fungi into market gardening.

What else is going on?

We "grow farmers".

Alex encourages and enables young people to start their own small, regenerative farming project.

Educator at the climate farmers academy.

Alex is recording tutorials about regenerative agriculture at his farm, which he is sharing via the Climate Farmers Academy with our community.

Sunrise cut.

Alex supplies local restaurants with a high quality, "cut at sunrise" - baby leaf mix. Thereby making a name for himself within Mönchengladbachs culinary scene.

More Information about the farm

Alex grew up on the countryside close to the Dutch border. He had some trouble with authorities and the strict German bureaucracy in younger years and decided in his early twenties to leave Germany behind and migrate to Canada.

In Canada he found love, but he also realised that running away is not the way to go. So he returned with his partner to Germany and decided to change the things that he did not like in Germany step by step.

His biggest passion was regenerative agriculture and an improvement in our relation to nature and the food we eat in Germany. So he looked for a piece of land and found Zweimorgenland in Mönchengladbach, just 30km from his hometown.

The land was completely useless when Alex started and within a year he returned it into the fertile garden that it is today.

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