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Climate farmers for life

Climate farmers for life – Bodemzicht works towards growing healthy food and diverse landscapes.

“We are passionate about integrating nature, agriculture and communities, creating thereby a long-term future for farmers in the Netherlands”.

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands

Produce: Climate eggs and High-quality horticultural produce, incl. red courgettes, artichokes, red and green kale (boerenkool), lacinato kale, red russian kale, radish and mizuna as well as beets, pumpkins, mushrooms...Berries, nuts and fruits are coming up!

How Do They Contribute to a Better Climate?

Restoring fallow land exploited though industrial farming

Their plot was fallow land, as it had long been used for fossil fuel agriculture. "When we arrived in April, there were only barren fields. We soon turned it into a thriving biodiverse market garden with thriving soil life. It is truly amazing how fast the transformation happens when working with nature and not against it!"

Leasing cows for regenerative grazing

They work in close collaboration with another rural entrepreneur - a livestock farmer, whose cows graze their fields, in exchange for part of the lease. He leaves the cows as long as the holistic grazing allows and supplies them with a valuable input for the farm: manure

Providing innovative 'soil perspectives’

Bodemzicht means soil perspective. Accordingly, project provides innovative alternatives to current agriculture by integrating the latest green technologies (energy, data and management). Through dialogue between technology and nature, they work towards advancing a truly sustainable agriculture and creating a long-term future for farmers in the Netherlands

about the farm

In early 2020, in midst of the pandemic, Anne and Ricardo started their regenerative demonstration farm Bodemzicht (‘Soil perspective’). With Bodemzicht, they want to profoundly change the perspective in Dutch agriculture: from boundless, degrading monocultures to grounded, resilient farm enterprises.

The farm departs from today’s most pressing challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and the farmers’ crisis. Anne and Ricardo want to translates these issues into carbon positive, biodiverse and profitable solutions for agriculture

Bodemzicht will deliver vegetables, fruits and eggs directly to a regional market.

The farm works with existing natural processes and with a circular logic. The soil is disturbed as little as possible and no artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used. For example pruning will provide carbon for compost, chicken will eat and fertilize compost and compost is again food for vegetables and trees. Mobile chicken caravans in the orchards activate the soil and work as intensive carbon pumps that store CO2.

Bodemzicht has its own water system that can deal with droughts and floods. The latest green technology is integrated throughout the company for energy, data and operations.

Bodemzicht wants to provide a realistic circular alternative to current agriculture and create a long term future for farmers in the Netherlands. Towards a truly sustainable agriculture!

What else is going on?

Baroness as a landlord and neighbor

It is a baroness who owns the land. She also happens to be a transition coach, so she immediately understood what Bodemzicht intended to do, and what farming is all about!

Bridging the gap between nature and culture

Anne always wanted to bridge the divide between nature and culture. In regenerative agri-"culture", they found a way of living in harmony with plants, animals and ecosystems and continue on discovering synergies between nature and culture

Tackling pressing global issues at the farm level

Anne and Ricardo realized that the way forward is regenerative farming, a set of methods with the potential to tackle issues that are so urgent right now, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and most importantly a loss of community