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Fruittuin van West

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Biodiverse agroforestry farm with animal integration: a 16 hectares fruit orchard located on three islands near Amsterdam, where chickens, pigs and ducks can roam freely and can feast upon the fallen fruits.

Owner: Wil

Location: Fruittuin van West, Amsterdam

Produce: 40 different fruits in multiple varieties

The Project

Support Wil in improving the water quality around his farm.

Wil and his family wish to develop a water circulation system which can oxygenate stagnant water and distribute the water efficiently across the orchard. The system will be fueled through regenerative energy from a windmill. They contribute to revitalizing “dead” water and making it suitable for farming and recreation.

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How Do They Contribute to a Better Climate?

Integrated pest control

Animals are used in the orchard for controlling pests and fungi, promoting beneficial synergies between animals and plants

Improving water quality

Fruittin van West enhances water quality through regenerative farming practices and dynamic irrigation

Creating market access for local farmers

Their shop not only sells a broad variety of products from the farm, but also incorporates produce from sustainable farmers in the locality.

What else is going on?

Vistors can collect their fruits themselves

Visitors can experience life on the farm by picking the fruits they like

Acquired land through city council

Wil applied at city councils for support in acquiring land and starting the project

Diversity on the farm, Diversity in Amsterdam

Wil stays near Amsterdam as he really enjoys the city‘s diverse crowd

More Information about the farm

Wim and his family established Fruittuin van West was keen on starting a sustainability near his beloved Amsterdam. It is Wim’s wish to remain connected to the vibrant cultural life of Amsterdam and support his activities with urban visitors and connections.

Acquiring land is often a challenge for individual users like Wim, given than the agricultural land market is quite competitive and inaccessible in a small country like the Netherlands. With great determination, Wim applied for support at multiple City Councils by proposing a structured plan. Four out of five councils were willing to support Wim’s endeavours.They then decided where Fruittuin van West was going to be for pursuing his dream of becoming a regenerative farmer.

Fruittuin van West farm shop offers fresh top-quality produce both produced on his farm and other farms in the region. In this manner, this regenerative project supports the development of regional market networks, offering a vast selection of product to its costumers. Visitors can pick the tastiest of fruits directly from the trees and so, get closer to the source of their foods and learn more about the production, the post-harvesting and marketing processes of their food.