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Pflanzgarten Hitzacker

Farmers work towards building a solidary agriculture network in Lower Saxony

Pflanzgarden Hitzacker is a Market Gardening project along the Elbe river that has revided Community Supported Agriculture in Lower Saxony. The main motivations of this group of over 150 organized farmers is to push forward food security and souvereignity in the locality, while reducing the carbon footprint of their value chain to a minimum.

Owner: Jonas and Julia Troll, with 150+ community members

Location: Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, Germany

Produce: Solidary Agriculture / Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

How Do They Contribute to a Better Climate?

Restoring an abandoned plot

The plot of land had not been used in 15 years as it was considered to be "too small" and and "too close" to the city, thus, not suited for agro-industrial uses

Strenghtening food souvereignity

As part of a regional solidary agroculture network, Julia and Jonas contribute to supplying local demand for healthy food and work with the farmer collective towards improving marketing conditions for farmers

Collective struggle to advance regenerative agriculture

Farmers at Hitzacker understand that for ecological farmers it is very difficult to compete against the German agroindustry. Only when farmers work in solidarity, its possible to transform food systems

about the farm

“At Hitzacker, we the farmers stand up for what is important to us: we want we want to grow products for the locality without needing to use synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides”

In Germany and many other places in the world, small-scale ecological agriculture has no way to compete against agroindustrial farms, but “when farmers get together in solidarity, with idealism and social acknowledgement, then we can transform our current food paradigm”. Hence, with determination, farmers from the Elbe decide to organize into a large Solidary Agriculture Network for ensuring regional supply of healthy foods.

Julia and Jonas decided to settle down and start a Market gardening project. They found a plot of land which had not been used for the last 15 years, as it was considered to be “too small” for a farm and “too close to the city”, thus, “unsuited for agricultural use”. Instead of limitations, Julia and Jonas saw in this land the perfect opportunity for strating a market garden.

Although they had their doubts about starting a CSA project, as they heard from other Market Gardners that it can become very overwhelming. Determined to take up on the challenge, they said “we will see how it (CSA) goes for us!”. “It is just a matter of starting!. That is how we did it”.

They established their project in 2020. Already in the first season, they were already supplying 45 households with fresh vegetables. At the end of the first season they reached 65 CSA supporting members.

“Ecological farming has no way to compete against agroindustrial agriculture in Germany, but when farmers get together in solidarity, with idealism and social acknowledgement, then we can transform our current food paradigm”

What else is going on?

CoWorking and exchange space in town

Hitzacker has gained presence in the region by having a space for networking and exchange in town: art, upcycling, co-working and community support services for the local community

Community-building through food

Farmers believe that if there is one thing that brings people together, it is a biological, ecological, sustainable and collective work around food

Harvesting together

At Hitzacker, supporting CSA memebrs are invited to harvest their own food at our farm when the harvest is too abundant