Did you know that a major part of the solution for a healthy planet lies beneath our feet?

Soil plays an important role in regulating ecosystems. If we manage to increase the global soil carbon content by only 2%, we can actually reverse climate change. Regenerative Agriculture is doing this and so much more: 

    • Zero tillage: restoring degraded soils, while not disturbing the soil-fungi-structure
    • Avoid fertilizers and pesticides: Maintaining soil and water quality
    • Cover Crops: increasing the amount of water that infiltrates into the soil and avoiding soil erosion
    • Animal integration: bringing nutrients back into the soil to close the loop


Regenerative Farming techniques are centred around protecting water resources, protecting biodiversity, and working with natural processes. Not only do they produce healthy and nutritious food, they also remove carbon from the atmosphere and build healthy soils. These healthy soils are the only option we have to grow food for 10 billion people and to maintain a healthy world without exploiting mother earth further.

We want to look at the current challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and food insecurity from a systemic perspective. Soil is a complex system. Regenerative Agriculture is contributing to all dimensions our ecosystem has to offer and contributes to a healthier and more resilient living planet. Climate Farmers create self-regulating systems that deliver nutrient-rich food to society by no soil tillage and by maintaining the mycelium fungi network.

We believe that we not only have to highlight the pioneering work of regenerative farmers but that we can support them collectively. As they not only cover our basic needs of food for society but also contribute effectively to climate protection while regenerating the land. 

You can support farmers and their next projects towards a healthier planet by monthly subscriptions or you can invest in larger farming projects. In exchange you can literally eat climate change, by cooking a great meal with their produced vegetables or fruits, additionally to various other perks.

With a collective mindset towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, we can revolutionise farming and support farmers in their mission to a healthier tomorrow.

Be the change. 

With Climate Farmers