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Access to the community
Get invited to the private Climate Farmers Members Group and meet other Members of the community from all over Europe.
Exclusive Updates
Receive exclusive updates of what is happening behind the scenes at Climate Farmers.
Direct Involvement
Have an onboarding call with one of our team members and take on own projects within Climate Farmes.
Suggest Farmers
Help in our fight against climate change by finding regenerative farmer in Europe for us.


Great that you are interested in joining the Climate Farmers community. This is your place to meet other members that are interested in regenerative agriculture.

Please pick a time slot in the link below for a first meeting with our community managers  to see how we can best support you in your work. 

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Another way to support us

If you don’t have time to become a member, you can also support the project by giving us a financial hug.

*Please note: As we are not a registered non-profit, we are not able to give out donation receipts.