The Pioneer Group Program is a 2-month training and personalized support system for farmers in Europe who are interested in the long-term implementation of profitable regenerative practices.

Richard Perkins, Ridgedale Farm

We’ve partnered with Richard Perkins so that our Pioneer Group gets his world-renowned Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass.

Allan Savory

With an 8-week Richard Perkins masterclass, weekly Climate Farmers Skill Exchanges, personalized guidance, support tools, and ongoing resources to help transition to a more profitable and resilient way of farming – this €2000program is not for everyone. It is not for people looking for short term gains. It’s not for people who need more proof that regenerative agriculture works.

It is for European farmers who are ready to exit the rat race — Farmers who are committed to learning so they can begin to transition from high costs, high risk, and shrinking yields to profitable, resilient, and regenerative farming business enterprises.

It is for farmers with an open mind and curiosity about regenerative agriculture and holistic management — farmers who want to leverage the power of nature, instead of fighting against it.

It is for farmers who want to honor their generational heritage by learning a mix of new skills, many of which are actually the same skills our great great great grandparents used to successfully farm and be good stewards of land.


How does the program work?

We created this to-the-point group program based on a proven, pragmatic, and scalable approach to building a regenerative business enterprise:

Phase 1: Attend Richard’s Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass — and in parallel — you will receive:

  • Weekly Climate Farmers Skill Exchange Calls between an expert and other Pioneer Group members.
  • Personalized support through your journey.
  • Access to powerful tools from Climate Farmers.

Phase 2: We match you with a Climate Farmers consultants and pay for 1-on-1 consulting valued at €500.

Phase 3: We can help fund the implementation of regenerative practices if you qualify for our Carbon+ Credit program.

The program runs from July 5 to August 29, 2021

We will be accepting a limited amount of applications to join our Pioneer Group to support you on your journey to making more farm profit, with less risk.

The application deadline is June 10.



Get clarity, training, guidance, tools, and community from the Pioneer Group with:

  • Pragmatic Masterclass.
      • As far as online trainings in this field go, Richard Perkins’ online Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass is by far the most comprehensive, in-depth and detailed sharing you’ll find anywhere.
      • An A-Z resource that covers everything you need to know about clarifying your objectives, creating your design, setting up your infrastructure, choosing and running your enterprises, selling your products and managing your business.
      • A fresh perspective for the Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture space, and focuses solely on proven practices he has developed over the last 20 years. This masterclass is full of pragmatic and actionable information — a scalable and profitable approach to “a farming life worth living.“ as Richard says. No nonsense and no abstract theory devoid of context. The aim is very much a ‘how-to’ approach to designing, installing, and managing a profitable regenerative farm business enterprise. 
      • More than 80 hours of video and numerous PDF’s and spreadsheets, it also includes Q&A sessions with Richard, an online learning community and a mentor team led by former students.
      • Lifetime access to the Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass, including any future upgrades and the option to participate in future live trainings. You’ll have this massive resource at your fingertips whenever you encounter new challenges on your farming journey.
  • Personalized transition journey support to help answer these questions, and more.
    • What are your objectives?
    • What is your context?
    • What is the right approach for your farm? 
    • What works in your location, with your interests and economic situation?
  • Local support.
    • We’ll match you with a local expert to guide you through the process and check in regularly.
  • Learn together.
    • You will be in good company of other curious and committed farmers from across Europe who are going through the process. 
    • Participate in weekly Climate Farmers Skill Exchange Calls with select experts and fellow Pioneer Group members. In these calls, experts and group members share learnings, successes, and questions to create an efficient and effective Peer-2-Peer learning experience.
  • Learn from the best.
    • In addition to Richard’s masterclass, content from a number of pioneers in the space with decades of experience, will be tailored to your needs.
  • Support Tools & Technology
    • We‘ll send you a soil measurement device (which you can use unlimited) to check the state of your soil. Through your participation in the data collection program you get valuable insights into your soil health.
    • You get invited to the Climate Farmers community, where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other farmers who are on the same journey.
  • Ongoing Consultant Match-Making.
    • We match you with the right consultant in your region through a free online consultation.
  • Documentation and Press.
    • A media team will cover the process, so there is the possibility of being featured in international media if you like.
  • You get €500. 
    • Upon certification of completion in the Pioneer Group program, you will receive €500 in credit for 1-on-1 consulting with one of our expert consultants.
  • The opportunity to apply for Climate Farmers Transition Financing.
    • If you qualify for our Carbon+ Credit program, you can receive financing for the long-term implementation of regenerative practices on your farm.

The program starts July 5th.

We will review the applications and send a decision by June 10.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your information

After the application, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What WAS SAID about the program

“Since I am applying regenerative techniques, I have increased the number and diversity of animal species in the farm and my profits increased. I observe better soil health and biodiversity on my farm too. I also welcome journalists and visiters and started selling quality products to butchers and chefs in Lisbon including a Michelin star restaurant”.

Francisco Alves

Francisco Alves

Porcus Natura, 700 ha farmer in Alentejo, Portugal

Learn from pioneers, be a pioneer.