Diogo David | Herdade da Carvalheira | 105 ha mixed enterprise farm

Diogo David

Diogo David

Garvão, Portugal
Herdade da Carvalheira


105 hectares

Type of farm

Pastures with arable, agroforestry and livestock


Oats, legumes

The regenerative transition

Climate Farmers Icon crops grey

AMP grazing

Climate Farmers Icon holistic grazing

Reduced chemical inputs

Residue management Icon

Organic matter application

Direct seeding, Direct sowing

Direct sowing & minimum till

“I knew that I had to do something different from the conventional approach to be economically viable. I also wanted the farm to be more resilient to climate changes.”

– Diogo David

Transition start date


“To regenerate and restore the land rather than exploit it.”

Planned additional practices
AMP grazing, organic matter application, agroforestry, no-till, no chemical inputs, and multi-species cover crops.


“Doing well in a timely manner with economic viability.”

How we collaborate

Diogo is utilising our Carbon+ Program to transition his farm to regenerative management. He aims to implement a diverse range of new practices that will improve the agri-ecosystem, all whilst generating Carbon+ Credits.

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