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This loan is to support the development of a forward-looking, productive farm. The money is urgently needed for necessary investments such as machinery, greenhouse, cold storage or workshop. The model of financing has been successfully used for decades to realize projects – which initially have little equity – nevertheless.

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Below you will find information and the loan contract for download. Or you can fill out the contract directly in the form below. Alex needs the completed form/PDF signed either by mail to [email protected] or by mail signed in duplicate to:

Alexander Friebe
Geneickener Str. 70
41238 Moenchengladbach

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and the borrower:

Alexander Friebe
Geneickener Str. 70
41238 Mönchengladbach

§1 Loan purpose

The loan will be used to build and finance Alexander Friebe‘s market garden “Zweimorgenland“

§2 Loan amount

The market garden “Zweimorgenland“ by Alexander Friebe receives a loan in the amount of:

§3 Duration

1. The loan is granted for an indefinite period.

2. Termination by the lender shall be governed by § 5.

3. The borrower may terminate the loan at any time.

§4 Deposit

The loan amount will be paid by

to the following account of the market garden “Zweimorgenland“ of Alexander Friebe:

Account holder: Alexander Friebe
IBAN: DE40 3106 0517 0026 7360 13
Volksbank Mönchengladbach

§5 Termination by the lender

1. The lender‘s right of ordinary termination is excluded for the first three years after the deposit

2. The notice period is six months. The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected.

3. The maximum loan amount per person is 10.000€.

4. Notice of termination must be given in written form.

§6 Repayment

1. Repayment begins 6 months after receiving the loan in the form of 12 monthly installments,
with interest due in addition paid in the last monthly installment.

2. Full or partial early repayment of the loan is permitted at any time without the consent of
the lender.

3. Repayments are to be transferred to the following account of the lender(s):

4. Repayment of the full amount of the loan plus interest due shall be deemed termination of
the contract.

§7 Interest rate

1. The loan bears an annual interest rate of 1%.

2. The interest rate falls due on maturity, is not repaid at the end of the year and does not result in a new loan on 01.01. of the following year. Therefore, interest won‘t bear interest again, but will be repaid at the end of the term without additional interest.

Note: For example, if you have a loan of 5000€ repaid after five years with 1% interest, you will receive 5250€ (interest calculation: 5 years * 5000€ * 1% interest = 250€).

3. If the loan amount changes due to further payments or partial repayments, the respective current loan amount shall apply for the interest calculation. The date of receipt/issue of the payment on the account of the borrower shall be decisive. In the case of partial repayments, the interest due on the partial amount up to the date of payment is also repaid.

§8 Account notification and information about the loan

At the end of each calendar year, the lender receives a notification (text form is sufficient)
about the account balance and, if applicable, the interest income. The borrower shall send the
notification to the email address last provided by the lender.

§9 Subordination clause (qualified subordination)

1. If insolvency proceedings are opened against the assets of the borrower, all current and future loan repayment claims of the lender(s) (interest and principal payments) shall only be taken into account in the insolvency proceedings after the claims specified in section 39 (1) InsO have been satisfied. In the event of insolvency of the borrower, the loan repayment claim shall be subordinate within the meaning of section 39 (2) InsO.

2. Furthermore, the loan repayment claim and the interest claims cannot be asserted for as long as and to the extent that it would give rise to a reason for opening insolvency proceedings against the assets of the borrower. The same shall apply if the borrower were to be liquidated for any other reason outside of insolvency proceedings. This means in particular that the claim of the lender(s) will only be settled from future annual surpluses, liquidation surpluses or free assets of the borrower exceeding the other liabilities of the borrower
remaining after satisfaction of all creditors within the meaning of section 39 (1) InsO.

3. In this respect, the repayment of the loan cannot be guaranteed by the borrower, i.e. it is
not an unconditional repayment claim.

Note on the risk of loss: In the aforementioned cases of insolvency and other liquidity defaults
on the part of the borrower, the above qualified subordination agreement may result in
the lender defaulting on its claims. The acquisition of this investment is therefore associated
with considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.

Note on the absence of a prospectus: This loan is an “asset investment“ within the meaning
of the German Asset Investment Act (VermAnlG). No sales prospectus approved by the Federal
Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has been prepared for this asset investment, as an
exemption applies to this loan (VermAnlG §2 Abs 1a).

§10 Final provisions

Should individual provisions of this contract be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the validity of the rest of the contract shall remain unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects most closely approximate the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete. Amendments or supplements to this contract shall only be effective if agreed in writing. This shall also apply to any amendment to this written form clause.

Note regarding the role of Climate Farmers UG: Climate Farmers UG is only responsible for the brokerage of the loan on its website and assumes no liability for the conditions stated in the loan agreement.

Data privacy

Responsible for data processing is Alexander Friebe, Geneickener Str. 70, 41238 Mönchengladbach. The personal data provided, in particular name, address, telephone number, bank details, which are necessary and required solely for the purpose of implementing the resulting contractual relationship, are collected on the basis of legal authorizations. The legal basis for
the collection, processing and disclosure of data is this contract in conjunction with Art. 6 (1) DSGVO. In accordance with §34BDSG, the lender has the right to request information about the data stored by Alexander Friebe. A restriction of the processing as well as the deletion of the data can also be demanded according to §35 BDSG. In this case, however, the execution
of the contract is at risk. The same applies if the requested data is not provided to Alexander Friebe in full. There is the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority (e.g. sächs.Datenschutzbeauftragte). For any further use of personal data and the collection of additional
information, the consent of the person concerned is regularly required. You can give such consent voluntarily in the following. In addition, you can exercise your right of objection at any time without giving reasons and modify or completely revoke the declaration of consent
given with effect for the future. You can send the revocation to the contractual partner by e-mail.
Consent to the use of data for further purposesn:

I hereby agree that this contract may be passed on to banks with which the market garden „Zweimorgenland“ of Alexander Friebe negotiates the conclusion of credit contracts.

Note: Why this consent? The small entrepreneur Alexander Friebe needs this consent in order to be able to provide banks with adequate proof of equity. Due to the qualified subordination in §9 of this agreement, there is a possibility that a bank will evaluate this loan as equity capital. The equity capital is in turn relevant for the granting of bank loans to the small entrepreneur. A bank may need to inspect existing loan agreements for this purpose, in particular to verify the amount of the loans and the qualified subordination.

Here you can upload a photo of your signature. Otherwise, you can download and print the PDF and sign it.

After submitting the form, you will receive a PDF as download .

Thank you for taking the time! Alexander Friebe needs the loan agreement either signed by e-mail or signed and sent in duplicate by mail to:

[email protected]

Alexander Friebe
Geneickener Str. 70
41238 Mönchengladbach

As soon as the contract has arrived, Alexander Friebe will send you a countersigned version for your records.

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